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1.About us

Founded in 1984, ?Foreign Language School Attached to Guangxi Normal University (hereinafter called FLS)is located in Guilin city, surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes under heaven. With dedicated?students and high-quality teaching staff, FLS stands out in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, enjoying a great popularity locally. On the way to establishing a more diverse way of education.?FLS attaches great importance to the introduction of advanced educational practices and resources, continuously opening up new avenues of cooperation in school management and enriching the variety of schooling models. In September 2011, FLS got the approval?of Guangxi Education Department to set up the experimental class which takes Advance Placement. This event marked FLS as the earliest Foreign Language School to start international education.

FLS has partnered with American Bloomington International School (hereinafter called BIS) since 2016. Students in our school registering with BIS?when school starts, can take the American senior high school lessons and minimize their schooling costs. When students take BIS lessons in FLS, the education they get is based on the curriculum of American senior high school and their credits can be exchanged for those of the American high schools. With such a senior high school diploma, students can apply for university in all English countries. The international division of FLS pursues to cultivate knowledgeable and virtuous students and provides an?excellent start on the road to success.


2. Vacancies

?Mathematics teacher

?Physics teacher

?Computer Science teacher

?English teacher


3. Requirements

?Bachelors degree or above preferred in related major.

?Be able to work under pressure and work attitude positively.

?Recommendation letter: from a supervisor of the most recent teaching experience or a character reference from a professional teacher/colleague who has known the teacher for two or more years.

?Working experience or internship in relevant filed (IELTS, AP, SAT) would be a plus.

?Specific certification preferred(e.g.: TEFL, TESOL)


4. Our Employee Benefits

?A highly competitive salary

?A significant completion bonus after each year of teaching

?Health Insurance

?A housing allowance that covers the rent of a very comfortable apartmentexpat teachers

?Flight allowanceexpat teachers


5. How to apply

Please send your application with your resume and other supporting documents to:

The subject line should follow the following format: Program + Subject +Name + Nationality

For more information, please call us at 0773-8991249 or visit our website: